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If Not You, Then Who?

Who do you think you are?

For so long I struggled with self-esteem because I was so afraid of failing and making EVERYONE else happy! Growing up in an environment where I looked around and realized I was the only tall, light skinned, freckled face girl who was secretly a nerd; it was difficult. Being different came with challenges but as the years passed I learned to embrace who was in the mirror staring back at me!!
The caring, smart, compassionate, empathetic, driven, calm, cool, collected, competitive, tomboy-ish, helpful, and honest girl......soon to be WOMAN!
Now I have the responsibility of leading the younger generation and they are watching, so I knew I had to do more!!
I’ve learned the lessons of: making decisions off emotions, being the only person who looked like me in the room, the doubters, the negativity of the stereotypes for a girl growing up in a neighborhood like I did, overcoming my shyness to present information to a room full of strangers and utilizing the tools from my Wilberforce University backpack to conquer corporate America as a Woman Engineer!!!

Recently, I realized I wanted MORE: Do More! Learn More! Interact More! Help More! With a specific focus on my love for technology.
MOtacular WAS BORN!!
This brand will have an umbrella of knowledge! Thank you to everyone that has supported thus far and has decided to take this journey with me!!


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